Fellowship - Friendships - Faith

Primetime is a newly formed group at NorthRoad for those interested in connecting with other believers who have entered the ‘Prime’ of their lives.
So, what does that mean to enter the prime of your life?
  • People who have worked hard to provide for their families and are starting to think about retirement.
  • People who have raised their kids and are empty nesters or near empty nesters.
  • People who are what we say 50ish. Ages can range from 48-62 but we are not age restrictive

Come join us in Fellowship with other Christians, making new Friendships and sharing your Faith as we do many activities, (i.e. go out for dinner, have potlucks, picnic, etc…..) and many more to come. We meet monthly and enjoy each other’s Fellowship, Friendship and Faith!

Interested in learning more about PrimeTime?

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