NorthRoad Residency

The hope of this program is to build future leaders to engage in three main areas through NorthRoad Church: local and national church planting, building leaders to be placed within the structures of Northroad, and development of future kingdom leaders to engage in gospel movements.

This Pastoral Residency Program is for aspiring pastors, leaders, and disciple makers. This program will work to develop skills for future kingdom leaders in the area of personal devotion, personal leadership skills, organizational and leadership skills within the context of church multiplication and reproduction.

This Pastoral Residency Program will provide tangible missional community leadership experience, ownership of specific areas of ministry at NorthRoad Church, and specialized training from our pastoral staff to develop these leaders.

Anticipated Outcomes  | Goals

The goals of the residency program are:

1) To develop future church planters that will launch church planting teams out of NorthRoad small groups / ministries within Lincoln County and other surrounding counties.

2) To develop future staff to be trained and lead in areas of ministry at NorthRoad as growth occurs or additional pastoral staff is required.

3) To develop future missionaries who will be sent throughout the world.

4) To develop kingdom leaders to give a lifetime to a movement of the gospel breaking out throughout Missouri, our nation, and to the ends of the earth.

Are You Considering a Residency?
The residency is a one year commitment and can be full-time or part-time. Residents are required to raise their own support through fundraising. To see the full residency process, click the link below. 

Interested in Residency at NorthRoad?

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