Our Mission

In Northkidz we desire to grow on purpose by partnering with parents to teach the gospel and to help support their kids as they grow deeper, stronger, and wiser in their relationship with Jesus. Northkidz is a fun and safe place for our kids to have the opportunity to experience God through worship songs, Bible stories, small group discussions and play time.

Sunday Mornings

NorthRoad strives to create a safe environment for your children to worship, as well as engage and learn with other kiddos their age. We offer four separate sessions each Sunday morning from babies all the way to 5th grade at 8:00, 9:05,10:20, and 11:30am. All sessions take place during our adult-focused worship services.

Our Heart

We love getting to know our kids and their families. We desire for the family unit to grow in their faith together from the newborn all the way to our preteens going into middle school. Through connecting with the family we can provide resources and mentorship to help the family grow on purpose. We desire for every child to feel loved, cared for, seen, and heard every opportunity we have in their lives.

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